Hansraj Jivandas College of Education - 'A' Grade (NAAC)

"NAAC Reaccredited 'A' Grade from 8th January, 2011"
M.A Part I PCP session on 17/01/2015 has been postponed. PCP session for 24/01/2015 as scheduled.      

Convocation Ceremony-B.Ed 2013-14
Induction Session for IGNOU Students on 20th November, 2014
M.A.(Part I & Part II) Education - PCP Programme Year : 2014-15
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  • Well Equipped library
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  • Research Cell
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  • Internet Facilities
  • Book bank
  • Study Material
  • Certificate in Advanced Computer Course
  • Centre for PhD
  • PCP Centre for M.A Education
  • UGC sponsored Certificate course in Human Rights Education
  • Certificate course in Cooperative Learning Strategies
  • Placement Cell
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(500 MARKS)
i) 10 Courses of 50 marks each
ii) Candidates will be examined in the following subjects: Course -I Philosophical Foundations of Education
Course –II Psychology of the learner
Course –III Educational Evaluation
Course- IV Information and Communication Technology in Education
Course V- Sociological Foundations of Education
Course VI- Psychology of the learning
Course VII- Educational Management
Course VIII- Special Fields (Any one of the following special fields offered by the college)
(1)Action Research
(2)Environment Education
(3)Guidance and Counselling
(4)Inclusive Education
(5)Computer Education
(6) International Education Paper –V Two Special Methods offered by the college(Any Two of the following)
(7) Commerce

I)Practicum Internal Assessment ( 500 marks)
(i) 20 Practice lessons of 10 marks each (200 marks)
(ii) 4 Micro-Skill lessons and 1 Integrated lesson(10 marks)
(iii) 4 other simulated lessons (Innovative practices) of 5 marks each (20 marks)
(iv) 2 CAI Lessons (20 marks)
II)Practical Work (50 marks)
(a) Research based Individual Project Work (30marks) 20 marks internal and 10 marks viva
(b) Seminar presentation (10 marks) (In any topic in education)
(c) Unit Planning, Preparation of unit Test, Administration of Unit Test, Scoring and Marking in any 1 method (10 marks)

III) Year’s Work (200 marks)
(i) Class Tests (140 marks)
(ii) Open Book Examination (10 marks)
(iii) One Essay per section in each theory paper (50 marks)

B.Ed Admission
Intake capacity- 100 students
Gujarati Linguistic minority quota-50 seats
Public quota - 50 seats
All student have to appear for Common Entrance Test held by Centralised Admission Commitee,
Director of Higher Education.

Fees Structure
(1) Tution fees - Rs 16289/-
(2) Other fees -Rs 600/-
(i) Admission fees - Rs 60/-
(ii) Library fees - Rs 120/-
(iii) Gymkhana fees - Rs 180/-
(iv) Laboratory fees - Rs 240/-

For Reserve Category (SC/ST/NT/DT/VJ) Students
(1) Tution fees - Nil
(2) Other fees -Rs 540/-
(i) Admission fees - Nil
(ii) Library fees - Rs 120/-
(iii) Gymkhana fees - Rs 180/-
(iv) Laboratory fees - Rs 240/-


B.Ed Admission Process

1) B.Ed information brochure with application form is available at the Authorised Learning center(ALC) identified and established by MKCL.The process starts tentatively in the month of April or May) (Details can be checked out on MKCL website www.oasis.mkcl.org/bed)

2) The interested candidate has to appear for the Common Entrance Test(CET)and English Language Ability Test on the date specified by the Admission Committee, Govt of Maharashtra( tentatively in the month of May or June).

3) MKCL publishes the B.Ed CET results on its website(www.oasis.mkcl.org/bed).

4) Candidate has to obtain 18 marks out of 50 in CET and 25 out of 50 in English Language Ability Test.

5) The candidate has to obtain Admit card and score card from Authorised Learning Centre.

6) The candidate has to submit the preferences of college for admission.

7) As per options given MKCL will publish college merit list based on seats available for various methods in B.Ed colleges.

8) Hansraj Jivandas College of Education has 100 seats , out of which 50 seats are submitted to the Admission Committee, Govt of Mahrashtra, to be filled by them on the basis of merit and the remaining 50 seats are filled by the college in its Gujarati Lingusitic quota ( a quota meant for Gujarati speaking students who have completed their graduation from the state of Maharashtra) on the basis of merit.

For admission to the Gujarati lIngusitic Minority qouta, the interested candidates have to fill up the college form also. (The fees for both Govt. quota and Gujarati inguistic quota are exactly the same)

9) Interested candidates can enroll their names in the college register to obtain further information about CET examination. The registered candidates can also avail the facility of attending the Orientation session conducted by Hansraj Jivandas College of Education in the month of April, at a very nominal fee. The orientation session is on preparing candidates for CET exam and English language Ability Test.

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