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          “Memories are not like the footprints in the sand but they are like footprints in the sky.Footprints in the sand can be wiped out by the rushing waves but footprints in the sky are never seen but are felt within.They are unfathomable but are true and genuine.” …. Dr. Madhuri Shah


        Gujarat Research Society, the parent body of Hansraj Jivandas College of Education was established in 1936  by illustrious scholars and eminent professionals who made outstanding contributions to the growth and development of  Society. The Society has completed 81 glorious years of dedicated contributions to the welfare of the community and education. The objective of the Society has been to promote, organize and co-ordinate research in all branches of knowledge.

          Initially started as research oriented institution Late Dr. Madhuri Shah added Human Resource Development by establishing service oriented units. Beside other institution she established a College of Education named Hansraj Jivandas College of Education in 1969 affiliated to University of Mumbai. The College has grown into an institute of repute striving to achieve excellence in the field of Education. Dr Madhuri Shah also founded a school named Jasudben M. L. School affiliated to ICSE Board New Delhi. As Dr. Madhuri Shah believed that education is a journey not a destination, Gujarat Research Society added to its institutions Pushpa Navnit Shah Center for Life Long Learning. Today Gujarat Research Society has expanded like a banyan tree with multifarious programmes and activities. To commemorate the contribution of Dr. Madhuri Shah, the Campus of Gujarat Research Society is named as “Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus”.

Institutions under the aegis of Gujarat Research Society

Mumbai Branch
1. Psychological Research Institute
     1.1. Child Guidance Clinic
     1.2. Vocational and Educational Guidance Centre
2. Lions Juhu Centre for Children in nNeed of Special Care
3. Hansraj Jivandas College of Education
4. Health Research Institute
     4.1. M.N. Munshi and Smt. K.M. Mumnshi Diagnostic Clinic
5. Madhuri Shah Nursery & K.G. School
6. Jasudben M.L. School
7. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Rehabilitation Workshop
8. Pushpa Navneet Shah Centre for Lifelong Learning
9. Swar Noopur – a Cultural Centre

Ahmedabad Branch
1. Heart Disease Prevention Centre
2. Pathology Laboratory
3. Language Research Unit
4. Population Education Unit

New Delhi Branch
1. National Kidney Research Institute