Women Cell

Women Cell

     “There isn’t a single country in the world-not one-where men and women enjoy completely equal opportunity… that is why we must change attitudes and policies. The aim must be to give each and every human being greater freedom to make choices about their own lives….”   Gro Harlem Brundtland      

           Women Education is a catch-word along with a couple of issues and debates surrounding in social fabric. It encompasses areas like gender equality, access to education, alleviation of poverty and secular education. Considering the importance of women education, H.J.College of education has established  the Women Development Cell. Activities conducted are as follows;

  • Self-Defence workshop organized by University of Mumbai.Womem cell
  •  International Women’s Day celebration  through activities like Personality Contest titled “Women of Substance”, Rallies and  street plays.
  • Expert talk on women related issues