After the first assessment in September 2003, the institution set up Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the year June 2005 to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the institution. Norms and guidelines of NAAC were followed while constituting IQAC.

The IQAC Members 

Sr No Designation Name
1. Chairperson  Dr. Anita Swami
2. Senior Academic/Administrative Officers  Smt. Vaishali Sawant                                                Dr. Tandra Bandyoypadhyay
 3 Lecturers  Smt. Manjeet Sahmbey                                            Dr.  Shrima Banerjee                                                Dr. Karuna Sinha                                                      Smt. Archana Katgeri                                                Smt. Pallavi Talekar
4. Members from the Management  Smt. Kallolini Hazarat, President, GRS
5. Nominees from Local Society  Smt L.V. Nayampally                                                  Smt. Sharada Ganapathy
6. Coordinator of the IQAC  Dr. Usha Borkar (Member Coordinator)

Annual Reports:  

Annual Quality Assurance Reports

NAAC Related Documents 

NAAC Self Study Report for Re-accreditation 3rd Cycle

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