Research is the backbone of Higher Education. Knowledge Management support must help people to identify and avail the opportunities for collaboration and sharing, articulate values, best practices and assimilate sharing knowledge as an everyday experience. To equip every faculty member with latest skills or expertise through various training programmes may seem a daunting task. Similarly every teacher educator cannot participate in all the training programme organized.  This process can result in uneven acquisition of expertise by the various faculty members. The institution thus devised a mechanism whereby sharing of expertise would enrich every member of the faculty.

         Thus the Research Cell was established with the objective of motivating and empowering every faculty member to hone their research skills by taking up research projects of prestigious National organizations of India like UGC, ICSSR, Balbharati and University of Mumbai, motivate them to publish their research papers in various National and International Journals of repute, encourage them to present research based papers in National and International Conferences and  provide support to get involved into the institutional research also.

Research Publication

          The members of the  “Research Cell” had worked extensively for acquiring a registered ISSN (International Standards Serials Number) for its research publication and were successful in achieving the same. A Bi-annual registered publication titled “Hansraj Jivandas College’s Journal on Futuristic Education” has many releases till now with an ISSN Number  – 2349-8145.