Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE) promotes a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community. It offers 1 st and 2 nd Term training to all the enrolled students and Extension work teachers. DLLE also offers flexible Continuing Education opportunities for the people and various projects, from which our college opted for the following four projects –

  1. Survey of the Status of Women (SWS),
  2. Anna Poorna Yojna (APY), 
  3. Career Project (CP),
  4. Population Education Club (PEC).
Extension Activities Conducted are as following, 
  • Organizing and conducting 1st and 2nd Term Extension work training for the enrolled students of allotted colleges
  • The orientation of  students to Extension work
  • Registration of students to DLLE
  • Enrolling students for  SWS, APY, CP, PEC projects
  • Conducting of Extension Work
  • Preparing students for UDAAN Festival for street Play and Poster Competition, Powada singing , creative writing and essay competitions
  • Evaluation of the Extension Project Reports of students.
  • Coordination with Field coordinator for 1 st term and 2 nd term visit.
  • Organization of the display of APY Stalls for staff and students
  • Online Registration and Training Process of Social Entrepreneurship Swachatta and Rural Engagement Cell SES-REC Institution
  • Vocational Education, Nai Talim Experiential Learning (VESTEL) Action Plan Institution
  • Hygiene &  Sanitation Activities