Books: A collection of 19847books with new ones being added every year.

Periodicals: Subscription to more than 26 journals and 5 magazines.

Thesis:  Repository of 56 doctoral research reports submitted by the Ph.D students of the college and 10 Ph.D thesis of Other University. 

Dissertations: Repository of 97 M.Ed dissertations submitted by M.Ed students of the college and 23 M.Ed dissertations guided by HJCE staff and 4 M.Phil dissertation guided by HJCE Staff.

CD’s/DVD’s: Stores 121 CD’s and DVD’s on varied subjects related with the curriculum

Educational Movies: Collection of 41 educational movies available in the library for student’s reference.

Bound Volumes: Repository of 210 bound volumes of journals.

Back Volumes: Repository of 54 back volumes of journals. 

Laminated Photographs: Stores 385 laminated photographs with information of cultural heritage for reference.

Encyclopedia’s: Collection of 85 encyclopedia’s covering subject areas such as Education, History, Geography, Science, Technology etc.

Dictionaries: Collection of 144 dictionaries covering subject areas such as Education, History, Geography, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Computers, Statistics, English etc.

Institutional Repository: Stores more than 550 CAI Packages prepared by the student teachers in different subjects. 

HJCE Research Projects:- Repository of 36 research projects of HJCE Faculty under UGC, ICSSR, UNESCO, University of Mumbai, M.S.C.E.R.T and M. S. Mehta Research Foundation (IAEA).