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Smt. Kallolini Hazarat

Smt. Kallolini Hazarat, Ex Trustee and President of Gujarat Research Society, President, World Education Fellowship (Indian Section) and President, Indian Reading Association of India, was the inspiration and driving force of the college.   H. J. College of Education has progressed multi-fold, achieved several milestones and acquired the status of a premier Teachers Training College under her dynamic leadership.

A lifelong learner with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and relentless zest for contributing to the cause of education made her the ideal President of Gujarat Research Society and all its related units. Under her able guidance the college has organised various national and international seminars and conferences. Her quest for keeping abreast with latest trends in education and innovations in technology helped in conceptualising unique and relevant themes for the seminars and conferences. Her meticulous planning, keen eye for detail, aesthetic sensibilities and generosity made every event of the college memorable and a grand success.

Her charismatic personality and humane approach with which she led the members of all the units of Gujarat Research Society and students helped her carve a special place in the hearts of all. She had immense faith in teachers as nation builders and agents of social change, and hence every year personally interacted with each and every student teacher admitted to the college, to ignite the spark and manifest if for their personal interest and that of society.

Smt. Kallolini Hazarat was a connoisseur of Art and Culture, and had organised several cultural programmes and herself performed sophisticated styles of Garba at national and international platforms.

Her areas of expertise also extended to publishing books and one noteworthy contribution is a book on the Garba, the folk dance of Gujarat.

The college is indebted to her for her benefaction and strives to keep her legacy alive. To commemorate the life and contributions of Madam and ensuring that her legacy and values continue to influence and inspire the new generation of students the college has instituted the ‘Smt.  Kallolini Hazarat Memorial Creative Mind Fest’. Every year hundreds of school children from the city of Mumbai participate in the Interschool Poetry and Poster making competition and are awarded certificates for winning prizes and participation.